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Articles of interest from our sister blog

As many of our regular readers know, I started a “sister blog” a few months ago, dealing with my exploration of the intersection of art from the past and art from the present, and specifically how this impacts my own work as an artist. As so much of my work is impacted by art from the distant past, I thought it worth sharing some of my posts from the other blog site. Comments welcome:

Some Thoughts on the Persistence of Classical Imagery

A few thoughts on the art of printmaking, views of antiquity and modern prints

The art of enameling, ancient and modern

A case study in reinterpreting an old technique: English slip decorated earthenwares and modern counterparts (including my own)

Broken Things



Blog for the new exhibition “Assyria to Iberia at the Dawn of the Classical Age”

This blog accompanies the exhibition Assyria to Iberia at the Dawn of the Classical Age, on view from September 22, 2014, through January 4, 2015 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Both the exhibition page on the Met’s website and the Blog that accompany it – – are packed with information about this key transitional period. Highly recommended.