Sold Antiquities 2017

With the new year well under way, this seems a good time to share with our readers a sample of the many antiquities and antiquities-related artwork we sold in 2017. In addition to these, we also sold many more ancient coins, antique prints and books dealing with antiquities and ancient art.


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Articles of interest from our sister blog

As many of our regular readers know, I started a “sister blog” a few months ago, dealing with my exploration of the intersection of art from the past and art from the present, and specifically how this impacts my own work as an artist. As so much of my work is impacted by art from the distant past, I thought it worth sharing some of my posts from the other blog site. Comments welcome:

Some Thoughts on the Persistence of Classical Imagery

A few thoughts on the art of printmaking, views of antiquity and modern prints

The art of enameling, ancient and modern

A case study in reinterpreting an old technique: English slip decorated earthenwares and modern counterparts (including my own)

Broken Things


25% Off through 1/31 at Clio’s eBay Store

Hello Clio Customers, Friends and Fans:

We are offering a huge 25% off of everything in our eBay store, including antiquities, ancient coins and books, through January 31. It’s been years since we’ve offered such a large discount, so please take a look. Pay the listed price and your 25% will be promptly refunded to you via PayPal. This offer is for our eBay store only, not our other selling platforms. There are currently 82 items listed, ranging in price from $12 to $450.

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Thanks for looking and best wishes.

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A Sample of Our Sold Antiquities from 2016

The images below represent a good sample of the many ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, early Islamic and other Mediterranean and related antiquities and ancient coins sold by Clio Ancient Art during 2016. Some of our regular customers reading this blog entry might recognize pieces they now own. As always we have many more items available in our online stores:



And don’t forget our Amazon book store, with many excellent and hard to find antiquities related titles:


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Holiday Shopping with Clio Ancient Art

Clio Ancient Art and Antiquities has much to offer as we enter the holiday season. With up to 100 antiquities, artifacts, ancient coins, books about antiquities and related art now available from ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus and the Holy Land, you are sure to find a unique gift for that collector, history buff or other special someone on your list.

20160713_113851-2_kindlephoto-486861080  il_fullxfull-893230696_il5iSierra Exif JPEG Roman coins for sale, Victorinus, Silver antoninianus  CA-12-254

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Imhotep: From Architect to Deity to Villain

From the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology comes this video of a talk by Dr Jennifer Wegner, Assistant Curator of their Egyptian section, on Imhotep, the famed designer of the Step Pyramid complex at Saqqara under King Djoser. Link opens in another window or tab –

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Clio Ancient Art’s New Look and New Items

Customers, Friends and Fans of Clio Ancient Art:

We are very pleased to announce that the new and improved version of our website is live online now. In addition to many new items for sale (see below) we have redesigned the site and added many great features to make your visit both easier and more interesting. Here’s a brief rundown –
• Our old format allowed viewing no more than 20 or so items per page in a vertical row, sorted by price, resulting in an excessive number of pages for a large category, such as Roman Antiquities, and many items were rarely viewed. All categories have now been consolidated so there is only one Roman page, one oil lamps page, etc.
• When clicking on a category (note there are new categories, including “Cypriot Antiquities” and “Pottery Vessels”) visitors will see up to 30 items at a time, sorted alphabetically. This may be changed using the drop down menus at the top of the category to view up to 200 items at a time and to sort them by price (low to high or the reverse), alphabetically or most recently added.
• We’ve added a “Search” option at the top of the page. A customer entering the search word “Byzantine” for example will then receive a list of categories on the site that include that term and a list of individual objects.
• Customers may complete a form to join our online mailing list or to create their own account with Clio Ancient Art, which speeds up invoicing and order processing, allows tracking of order status and compiles a history of purchases from Clio.
• When clicking on an object from our inventory, customers will be able to hover their cursor over the image to allow for a detailed close up inspection.

No doubt there will be a few minor bugs to work out over the next several days but we do think the new format will make your customer experience much better. We’ll also be adding more content in the next few days.
Here is a list, with links, of some recently added objects on our website –

• An Egyptian Pale Blue Faience Ushabti –
• An Egyptian Bronze Figure of Osiris –
• A Deep Blue Egyptian Faience Amulet of Daumutef –
• A Deep Blue Egyptian Faience Amulet of Hapi –
• Egyptian Bronze Figure of Osiris –
• Egyptian Bronze Figure of Osiris –

• Late Roman / Migration Period Military Bronze Belt Buckle Plate –
• A Late Roman to Early Byzantine Trail Decorated Glass Bead –
• Roman Glass Crumb Decorated Bead –

• Early Byzantine Bronze Military Phalera or Boss –
• Early Byzantine Military Baldric Buckle –

• An Early Islamic Trail Decorated Glass Bead –

• Greek Cities, Mysia, Gambrion, Bronze 16 mm, 4th-3rd Century BC –
• Roman Empire, Bronze Sestertius of Julia Mamaea, AD 180-235 –
• Roman Empire, Maximian as Caesar, Bronze Antoninianus, AD 285-286 –
• Roman Empire, Maximian , Bronze Antoninianus, AD 286-305 –

To access specific sections on our website, follow these links –
• Ancient Oil Lamps for Sale –
• Ancient Byzantine, Migration Period, Etruscan, Islamic, Celtic, Near Eastern & Related Antiquities –
• Ancient Coins for Sale: Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Early Islamic –
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As always, thanks for visiting. We would value any feedback you might have on the new website design. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail text or phone if you have a question about any item on our site.
Best wishes,

Chris M. Maupin
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Classical and Egyptian Antiquities in the North Carolina Museum of Art

In 1947 the North Carolina General Assembly authorized the sum of one million dollars to acquire works of art for a new State Museum, marking the first time a state had used public funds to buy art. Since then, the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) has greatly expanded both its collections, which include European and American painting, antiquities, tribal arts, modern art and sculpture and much more, and its facilities. NCMA is now housed in two large buildings (one housing the permanent collections, cafe and gift shop and one housing temporary exhibits, workshops and meeting spaces) on a 164 acre Museum Park adorned with monumental works of art.

NCMA’s antiquities collections include Egyptian art in all materials and in all sizes from the Predynastic to Ptolemaic periods, Greek, Villanovan and Etruscan ceramics, Cypriot pottery and sculpture, Roman sculpture in marble and bronze and a good selection of Roman glass. These are arranged in two large galleries and a portion of the central space of the building housing the permanent collections.

Presented here are twenty-four images representing nineteen objects, in roughly chronological order, selected for their special beauty, rarity or remarkable craftsmanship. I hope you will enjoy these. All images should be credited to Clio Ancient Art and Antiquities. Here is a link to NCMA’s “Plan Your Visit” page (opens in a new window or tab):

egyptian antiquities, egyptian pottery, egyptian art

Egyptian Predynastic decorated jar, Naqada II Period, 3,500-3150 BC, marl clay with red paint.

cypriot antiquities, cypriot plank idol

Cypriot plank idol, 2000 BC, burnished pottery

Shabti box, Egyptian antiquities, ancient Egyptian art

Shabti Box, Thebes, New Kingdom, Dynasty 19-20, 1295-1069 BC, wood with gesso and paint.

Egyptian antiquities, Egyptian art, ancient egypt

Egyptian False door from the tomb of Ni-Ankh-Snefru, detail, possibly from Saqqara, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, 2321-2278 BC, limestone with traces of paint.

Egyptian false door, Egyptian antiquities, ancient Egyptian art

Egyptian False door from the tomb of Ni-Ankh-Snefru, possibly from Saqqara, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, 2321-2278 BC, limestone with traces of paint.

Egyptian antiquities, ancient egyptian art, egyptian mummies

Face mask from an Egyptian wood coffin lid, Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 22, 945-715 BC, wood with gesso and paint.

egyptian mummies, ancient egyptian art, egyptian antiquities

Detail from the coffin of Amunred, Egyptian, Third Intermediate to Late Period, 715-525 BC, wood with gesso and paint. Note the Falcon of Horus on the shoulder.

egyptian mummies, ancient egyptian art, Egyptian Antiquities

Detail from the lower part of the coffin of Amunred. Facing representation of the Jackal of Anubis guard the feet, below processions of female and male deities.

Maat, hieroglyphics, egyptian mummies, ancient egypt

The coffin of Amunred, showing the central panel of inscriptions and the figure of Maat, goddess of truth and justice, on the chest.

Egyptian bull, Ptolemaic art, egyptian antiquities

Egyptian reclining bull. Wood with gesso and paint. Said to be from North Saqqara. Ptolemaic Period, 305-30 BC.

Cypriot antiquities, ancient cyprus

Head of a god or priest, Cyprus, 450-425 BC, limestone with traces of pigment. Note the mix of archaic Greek and more naturalistic style in this object, which may represent a temple priest or a temple donor who commissioned the statue.

Aphrodite, Greek sculpture, Parian marble

Torso of Aphrodite, Hellenistic Greek, about 60 BC, white Parian marble.

Canosan pottery, South Italian pottery, Greek antiquities

Double jar with a central handle, Late Daunian Period, 4th-3rd Century BC, from a Canosan workshop, South Italy. Pottery with added pigment.

Centuripe, Greek pottery, Greek antiquities

Detail from a large “Lebes Gamikos” or funerary vase from Centuripe, a Greek colony in Sicily, 250-225 BC, ceramic with paint and gilding. The central panel depicts a bride flanked by attendants with small applied Erotes flying above.

Ptolemaic pottery, Ptolemaic art, Greek antiquities, Egyptian antiquities

A “Hydria” or vessel for pouring water, 3rd Century BC, Egypt, pottery with buff slip and added paint. This vase shows something of the unique fusion of Egyptian and Greek art during the Ptolemaic period.

Lucius Caesar, Roman sculpture, Augustan art

Lucius Caesar, nephew of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus, late 1st Century BC, marble

Roman relief sculpture, Roman antiquities, Roman art

Roman decorative relief, late 1st Century BC or early 1st Century AD, marble.

Livia, Roman bronze sculpture, Augustan art, Roman antiquities

Roman head of a woman in the guise of a goddess, possibly Livia, wife of the Emperor Augustus, cast bronze with silver inlays, 1st Century AD

Roman sculpture, Roman marble, Roman antiquities

A Roman bone box for holding the cremated remains of the deceased, represented by one or both of the standing couple on the main panel, flanked by seated women. Marble, 2nd Century AD. The deceased couple have chosen to have themselves depicted as a philosopher and a muse.

ancient roman art, ancient roman sculpture

Detail from the Roman bone box, showing the male half of the couple.

Roman antiquities, Roman artifacts, Roman sculpture

Detail from the Roman bone box, showing the female half of the central couple.

Roman mosaic, mosaic floor, Roman art

Roman mosaic floor panel of the 2nd Century AD, composed of various types of marble and glass. The design includes geometric and floral motives and an endless knot design, all enclosed in a braided border.

Roman sculpture, Roman Herakles, Roman art, Roman antiquities

Roman marble statue of Herakles (Hercules) with his club. 2nd Century AD.

Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperors, Roman Sculpture

Portrait bust of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, marble, late 2nd Century AD. Marcus Aurelius is best known as the philosopher Emperor, a champion of Stoic philosophy and author of the “Meditations.”