Compilation of Antiquities related news articles and videos from the past few months

As promised, here is a compilation of news reports, summaries of academic articles and several videos (mostly from The British Museum) that I posted in my social media accounts over the past few months. These were items that seemed particularly relevant to those with an interest in antiquities and ancient art and that were of special interest to me. They are not arranged in any particular order below. All will open in a new window or tab. I hope you’ll find some enjoyable reading and viewing.

Megadrought likely triggered the fall of the Assyrian Empire –

Alpine rock axeheads became social and economic exchange fetishes in the Neolithic –

Early Rome featured a surprising amount of genetic diversity –

Detectorists find huge Chew Valley Norman coin hoard –

Hands on with the Sutton Hoo sword I Curator’s Corner Season 5 Episode 1 –

Killing time during the Trojan War with Ajax and Achilles: Curator’s Corner S5 Ep 10 –

Greek pots have ‘B-sides’, and The Ajax and Achilles ‘B-side’ is a banger | Curator’s Corner –

The largest ever Bronze Age hoard in London has been discovered –

Ancient Egyptians gathered birds from the wild for sacrifice and mummification. DNA study rejects the idea that Egyptians domesticated sacred ibis for ritual use –

Carpe Diem – How did the ancient Romans view death? –

Pompeii archaeologists uncover sorcerer’s treasure trove –


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