Ancient coins and antiquities added to our online shops

We’ve recently added many more ancient Greek, Biblical, Roman, Byzantine and related ancient coins and antiquities in bronze, faience and glass to our Etsy shop. Here’s a selection with images and links –

ancient coins, antiquities, Phoenician coins

Greek Cities. Phoenicia, Arados, Bronze 16 mm, mid-2nd Century BC to 1st Century AD


Roman glass, ancient glass, Roman antiquities

Roman Glass Pendant Bead with Trailing 3rd – 4th Century AD


Biblical antiquities, Holy Land artifacts, biblical coins

Roman Provincial. Judaea. Porcius Festus, Procurator under Nero. AD 59-62, Bronze Prutah


Egyptian antiquities, Egyptian faience, Egyptian amulets

Ancient Egyptian Faience Amulet of Shu, God of the Air, Late Dynastic 664-332 BC


Antoninus Pius, Roman Provincial Coins, Roman antiquities

Roman Provincial Coinage. Antioch, Syria. Antoninus Pius. Bronze 17 MM


Constantine Coins, Roman coins, Roman antiquities, ancient coins, Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Late Antiquity

Roman Empire. Constantine The Great, AD 306-337. Bronze Follis, Antioch mint


Byzantine coins, ancient coins, Byzantine antiquities, early Christian artifacts

Byzantine Empire Bronze Follis of Maurice Tiberius, AD 582-602


Roman coins, antiquities, Roman artifacts, Constantius II

Roman Empire. Constantius II AD 337-361, Bronze Centenionalis, Thessalonica Mint



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