A brief look back at Clio’s 2018 sales

Every January we post a partial visual review of the antiquities and related items we sold the prior year. We’re a bit tardy this year but here is a photo montage with some of the items we sold, including Roman, Cypriot, Visigoth, Islamic and other antiquities in bronze, glass and ceramic, ancient Greek and Roman coins, and related antique artworks, with prices ranging from as little as $20 up to well over $1,000. We also sold dozens of new and used books dealing with antiquities, ancient art, antiquities auctions, ancient coins, art history and more.

visigoth antiquities, clio ancient art, visigoth belt buckles

clio ancient art, sold antiquities



ancient glass, Roman glass, clio ancient art, sold antiquitiesil_fullxfull.1269515307_fvjq



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