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Clio Ancient Art 2015 End of Year Sale

Announcing Clio Ancient Art’s 2015 Holiday / End of Year Sale – 20% off everything on our website, antiquities, ancient coins and books, through December 31, 2015. Includes 20% off shipping costs, (domestic shipping, only).

Fast and easy ways to make payment: Use our online shopping cart to pay for your item(s) and shipping and you’ll promptly have your 20% discount refunded to you. Or bypass our shopping cart and use PayPal’s “send money” feature to pay for your item(s) and shipping by sending funds to We also accept payment by personal check and we allow layaway, with 25% payment up front and the balance in 30 days.

It’s been years since we’ve offered such dramatic reductions in price so take advantage of this while you can.

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New Video from the Museum of London Looks at a Genetic Study of Roman Londoners

The Museum of London has undertaken the first multidisciplinary study of the inhabitants of a Roman city anywhere in the Empire. In the video Curators Dr Rebecca Redfern and Caroline McDonald explain how this was done through the analysis of the ancient DNA (aDNA) of four different individuals from the Roman period. This analysis has established the hair and eye color of each individual, their chromosomal sex, and to identify the diseases they were suffering from. Their research has created a detailed ‘picture’ of the inhabitants of Londinium, the Roman name for London.

Video opens in a new tab or window –