News Item: Rich Grave Goods Point to East Anglian Royal Family

A remarkable excavation in the town of Exning, Suffolk, England may have uncovered members of the royal family of the ancient Saxon Kingdom of East Anglia. Twenty-one graves with rich grave goods, some imported from the Continent, dated to about 650 AD, point to this possible connection.

Here is a link to an article about this find in the British press (link opens in a new tab or window):

One of the key imported grave goods from this find is a glass bowl probably made in the Rhineland. The news article above includes an image of this, which would have been a very high status item in early Anglo-Saxon England. Here is an image of a similar bowl, on display in the Dover Museum.

ancient glass, Anglo-Saxon glass, Medieval glass
Glass bowl, dated AD 600-650, possibly from the Rhineland, in Dover Museum. Photo Credit: Clio Ancient Art and Antiquities

We will report further as more news of this discovery becomes available.


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