A Bit of Egypt Beside the Thames

London has a wealth of Egyptian antiquities to see; the British Museum’s vast ancient Egyptian holdings and the collections at the Petrie Museum of Egyptology being the two best examples. But one needn’t enter a Museum to see a bit of ancient Egypt.

The Egyptian Obelisk of Pharaoh Thutmose III, circa 1450 BCE, now standing in Victoria Embankment Gardens, London, has a remarkable history — Erected by Thutmose at Heliopolis, inscribed 200 years later by Ramses II, moved to Alexandria in the Roman period, given as a gift to the United Kingdom by Mehmet Ali, Viceroy of Egypt, lost in a storm in the Bay of Biscay on the way to England, salvaged and repaired in Spain, finally reaching London January, 1878. It has a twin now in New York City’s Central Park.

Weight:180 tons. Height: 68 feet. Material: Egyptian granite.

Here are a few images —





For more about Egyptian antiquities in London, visit this Travelogues entry on our website, focusing on the Petrie Museum – http://www.clioancientart.com/id22.html

This public link takes you to a photo sampler of The British Museum’s Egyptian collections on my Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.445160798834988.101461.100000232140537&type=1&l=08c9fea6f3

Finally, here’s a link to the Egyptian section of our own website – http://www.clioancientart.com/catalog/c2_p1.html

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