We frequently receive requests from private collectors, smaller museums and other institutions to authenticate or identify objects in their collections. We do offer this service. Here is a link to a page on our site with complete details:

Authentication and identification are the key elements in building a collection of ancient art. We at Clio Ancient Art are often contacted by private owners and museums wishing to identify objects and learn if the they are genuine ancient artifacts, reproductions, fakes, forgeries, or tourist trinkets.

As a service to collectors and owners, Clio Ancient Art provides authentication and identification services. For a fee of $35.00 per hour or portion thereof, we will review your quality digital images or examine your objects in person, and inform you in writing as to the precise nature of the objects you own, their origin, place and time of manufacture, potential value, etc. If your items are found to be genuine antiquities, certificates of authenticity may be made available upon request at no additional charge.

We also offer private owners and collectors guidance with bringing their collections to sale through the major auction houses in London and New York. Our fees for this service are the same as those listed above, at $35.00 per hour.

Fees for our identification and authentication services are payable in advance and may be made either via PayPal (simply by looking up or by check. For large collections, terms may be negotiated in advance with the customer.

For private owners or museums who know nothing about the objects they have come to own, knowing where to start can be bewildering. The antiquities trade is complex and full of potential pitfalls. There are dealers, especially among the internet based auction web sites, who are less than scrupulous and knowingly or unknowingly offer fakes, forgeries and reproductions. Education is the key to avoiding these traps. Our own links page — — is a good starting point in building a knowledge base about antiquities and ancient art.



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